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Great Taste Awards 2022 díjak

A Nobilis Zrt. a „Great Taste Awards 2022” díjazottja a következő termékekkel:
Ruby csokoládés almakorong (Apple Crispies with Ruby Chocolate)
Epres almakorong (Apple Crispies with Strawberries)
Céklás almakorong (Apple Crispies with Beetroot)
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Mentes-M Díjak 2021

A Nobilis Zrt. a „Mentes-M verseny 2021” díjazottja az alábbi kategóriákban a következő termékekkel:
- Főkategória: Mentes-M VEGÁN, Alkategória: Szárított édesség, Pályamunka:
BIO Szárított Almaszirmok 20g
- Főkategória: Mentes-M VEGÁN, Alkategória: Szárított édesség, Pályamunka:
BIO Aszalt, magozott meggy 50g
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International Chocolate Awards GOLD

We have won first place in the International Chocolate Awards, Eastern European competition. See below which of our products have received this prestigious award.
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Great Taste Award

We have won 4 Great Taste Awards for 2019! Our Golden, Jonathan, and Dark chocolate Apple crisps all received the golden star award along with our Dark Chocolate Coated Sour Cherries.

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'Free from' Awards díjak 2019

Our products won 4 first places in the 2019 competition of "Mentes-M" – 'Free from' awards.


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ITQi - Superior Taste

ITQi, International Taste and Quality Institution is a is the world leader in the evaluation and certification of consumer food & beverages by professionals. They are made up of the most prestigious Chefs and Sommeliers (including the main Chefs of Michelin-starred restaurants) who test the products. That is why this professional recognition is especially important for us.